Product comparison: curry and bolognese

The information on this page is historical. Food labels are changing and the term Guideline Daily Amount is being replaced by Reference Intake (RI). Read about the new nutrition labelling requirements.

The examples of chicken curry with rice and pasta bolognese are of typical readyChicken curry and pasta Bolognese with GDA label meals found in many supermarkets in the UK and are popular meal choices for many people.

If you are watching your energy intake you can use the GDA label to see how many calories are in products and make choices to suit your individual needs:

  • Check: the GDA label shows that the chicken curry and rice contains 910 calories, that's 46 percent of the GDA. The pasta bolognese contains 530 calories, which is 27 percent of the GDA
  • Compare: This information allows you to see that the chicken curry and rice contains more energy than the pasta bolognese. In fact it's 380 calories more than the pasta bolognese, that's 19 percent more of the GDA
  • Choose: If you are watching your energy intake you might want to pick the pasta bolognese as it has fewer calories than the chicken curry. If you do decide to have the chicken curry, be sure to keep an eye on your calorie intake for the rest of the day so you stay close to your GDA for calories.

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